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Luhua is a leading company specializing in the R&D, production and sales of new polymer materials. Since its establishment, the company has been dedicated to the processing and utilization of C5 and C9 feedstocks, the by-products of naphtha cracking to produce ethylene.  The company has been continuously generating new products and extending the product lines to meet the market demand. Through its sophisticated separating and processing technology platforms, Luhua develops, manufactures and sells high performance, high value-added resins, rubbers and other polymeric materials; which are widely used in downstream applications such as adhesives, rubber additives, rubber products, road marking paints, inks and coatings, as well as end-user products such as hygiene and pharmaceutical materials, packaging materials and automotive ornaments.

After years of growth, Luhua has become a preeminent company of C5 and C9 raw material processing with an broad range of products, which include the distillation products such as isoprene, piperylene and dicyclopentadiene, and the synthetic material products such as C5 resin, C9 resin, hydrogenated resin and polyisoprene rubber, as well as fine chemical product as tert-butylamine based on C4 feedstocks. 

Luhua has independently developed a wide range of high-performance functional materials including polyisoprene rubber, hydrogenated petroleum resins and SIS elastomers which can be used in a variety of market sectors such as adhesives, coatings, printing and healthcare. As a leading supplier, Luhua can provide a full spectrum of adhesives raw materials to meet the market demand. With its sophisticated separation and synthetic technologies, Luhua also supplies high-quality fine chemicals and monomers to the downstream market, including tert-butylamine, isoprene, dicyclopentadiene and piperylene etc.

Luhua will continue to focus on C5 and C9 feedstocks, increase the investment in research and development, improve the efficiency of raw material utilization, further extend the C5 and C9 product line to create an integrated product portfolios based on the upstream and downstream of C5 and C9 raw materials, and provide more high-performance material and sustainable solution for downstream customers to cope with the challenging demands from the industries of adhesives, tire and pharmaceutics etc.

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